Marketing That Stands Out in A Crowd

There are many different aspects to a great marketing campaign and one of the most important factors is that your message stands out from your competition. This simple marketing strategy caught my attention when sifting through the plethora of over-sized political post cards I have been receiving almost daily in my snail-mail mailbox.

I have received no less than three glossy marketing pieces from the same politician bashing his competitor. I have news for you… if I had to vote tomorrow, without the time and the personal initiative to do a bit of research about the candidates, I would vote for his opposition. Why? Because I have seen the name of his competition more often, and more prominently positioned, than the candidate’s name! I get the impression that his campaign manager has authorized these enormous advertising expenditures because he has likely hired his brother’s roommate or his sister’s husband as a marketing consultant.

Here’s a tip: Make your ad different!
Know your competition. Think of automobile ads, they all feel, sound and look alike! Even the 30 minute info-mercials all look and sound alike! If you trust the person who is selling you advertising to come up with an idea for your ad, it is likely going to be something canned that they have readily available. These reps are not marketing gurus, they are sales representatives that work on commission. Their job is to sell you an ad and increase the dollar amount of their paycheck; not to create something new that motivates new customers into your business establishment.

The best way to stand out from your competition is to hire a professional consultant or a reputable advertising agency. But if you have to go it alone, keep your message unique and consistent across all media outlets during a given campaign, and never be afraid to listen to a new idea!

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